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    What is SEO and why do I need it?

    If you are a business owner, you will know that the biggest challenge you face is not getting the customers, but keeping them. The cost of attracting new customers is high, and those costs can keep rising over time if your business is not well established. In contrast, the cost of retaining existing customers is much less than the cost of attracting new ones. If you want to grow your business over time, it’s important to focus on retaining your existing customers instead of focusing on attracting new ones.

    SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is one area where businesses can improve their chances of retaining their existing customers. SEO helps to make sure that your business appears at the top of search engine results when people search for products or services in your category.

    For example, if you own a bakery, you want to make sure that when people search for “bakeries” or “cakes” or “pastries”, your business appears at the top of the list. SEO helps with this and can greatly improve your chances of retaining existing customers. SEO is a long-term strategy that requires time and effort to be successful. You need to invest in it over time but the rewards can be very high if you are able to retain existing customers.

    SEO is a low-cost investment that brings high returns when done right. Companies invest in SEO to promote their business on the internet and reach a larger audience.

    Through the power of online marketing, you’ll be able to reach more people and have higher chances of being found by those who are interested in your product or service. In the past, companies relied on radio, print, and TV ads for publicity. In today’s world, those ads just don’t hold as much weight as they used to because there’s so much content out there competing for people’s attention.

    However, SEO is a solid investment because it can help you get your business where it needs to be without breaking the bank. To make sure your SEO is successful enough to bring in a profit but not too expensive, identify your goals before you start investing resources into them. If you need increased traffic from search engines like Google or Bing, then invest time into optimizing your site for those search engines before anything else. Once that’s done, start looking at PPC campaigns and social media advertising to advertise your brand!

    Our friendly SEO Wrexham and Chester-based team are on hand to answer pre-sales questions about your website and can perform a free site audit to find out your current digital footprint.

    3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in SEO for Your Business.

    The internet has changed how we live and work in unimaginable ways. People can do their job from anywhere with an internet connection, and they can also buy anything from the comfort of their homes. This is because companies have invested in SEO to bring their business online.

    With SEO, you’re not just advertising your business on the internet; you’re getting it out there where people can find it easily.

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    What should I do if I want to start an SEO plan?

    The first thing you’ll need is a basic understanding of what SEO is and how it can be successful for your business. An understanding will help you know if it’s something you want to invest in or not. Take a look at this article from Google.

    Next, you’ll need to consider how much you want to invest in SEO. If you are a small company that has not explored SEO before, we recommend starting small with something like an on-site SEO strategy, citation link building, and Google AdWords. Our friendly SEO Wrexham and Chester-based team can perform a free site audit to find out your current digital footprint. This will allow you to tap into the power of online marketing without investing heavily right away.

    Finally, don’t forget that SEO requires maintenance—it’s not a one-and-done type of thing! To keep your site at the top of the list, continue providing valuable content and new products for customers.

    We’re here to help. Whether you already have an account manager who controls areas of your online marketing and you’d like us to work alongside them, or if you’d like us to maintain the whole SEO strategy, then get in touch at: [email protected] or find our contact page here. Our friendly SEO Wrexham and Chester-based team are ready to get your business get found.

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